03 March 2011

Download Cashflow Quadrant

Why do some people work less, but produce more and more financially secure than others. It's just a matter of knowing which quadrant you have to work and when. Are you signed quadrant employee (employee), self-employeed (casual workers), business owner (business owners), or as an investor (investors. There is a road map to success and freedom there are 2 people finansial.dikisahkan Ed and Bill are offered contract water to a village, Ed immediately after getting the contract to buy 2 pieces and then began hauling buckets of water from the lake to the village, while the Bill even disappear so that Ed lost a rival, because getting money from hauling water, some time later he returned to the village by bringing the concept of water distribution business, he built a network of stainless steel pipe that is able to drain water to the village within 24 hours in a clean condition, he ensures that his water is cleaner than Ed's, then he offered his business concept to others, while Ed invite her to join, but because their strength is limited, they should not compete with Bill who developed the concept of business with more sophisticated and cheaper prices. Bill wealthy and Ed fell ill. case closed.


Download Cashflow Quadrant

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